About us

HAKE precision mechanic is an old-established bergen-enkheimer enterprise, which specialized in metalworking.

The company was created by the brothers Heinrich & Arnd Kegelmann in the year 1950. Today the company is led by Sandra & Thomas Völp. They replaced at the end of 2012, her parents Gerti & Herbert Völp.

1950 began everything with the repair and maintenance of sewing machines for the leather goods industry. in the course of the years the field of application changed toward metalworking.

The today´s manufacturing consists of different parts of the ranges: Process tyre manufacturing, mechanical engineering, vacuum engineering, etc. we iron, different high-grade steels, plastics and non-ferrums metals. Our products are used also in the food & foodstuffs industry as well as pharmacy and chemistry. The sprayballs are driven out world-wide by us and our agencies.

The today´s machinery consists of trick, milling and drill presses. Further we can manufacture on modern CNC machines.